ZEISS 600342-8023-010 Reference stylus M5, DK8 L63.5

Brand: ZEISS
ID#: 600342-8023-010-ZSS
|MFGID: 600342-8023-010
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Product Information


Reference stylus M5, DK8 L63.5


  • Details:Product Type: Stylus
    Connection Type In: M5
    Ø Sphere (DK): 8.0 mm
    Length (L): 63.5 mm
    Application: Tactile
    Ø Shaft (DS): 6.0 mm
    Ø Body (DG): 11.0 mm
    Measure Length: 50.5 mm
    Stylus Type: Straight
    Stylus Tip: Sphere
    Tip Material: Ruby
    Stem Material: Tungsten Carbide
    Weight: 29

    The reference stylus is used to determine the exact position of the calibrated reference sphere.

    The reference probe is marked with a red mark.

    Depending on the material of the styli and the workpiece, wear of the styli may occur. Therefore, we recommend to check the styli regularly for wear. Also remember to clean the styli or replace them if necessary. ZEISS stylus cleaning Wipes are available.To learn more about ZEISS styli, book our free stylus eLearning on the ZEISS eLearning platform.