ZEISS 626103-5020-000 M3 XXT, Extension, ZEISS REACH CFX® 1, Length: 20.0 mm

Brand: ZEISS
ID#: 626103-5020-000
|MFGID: 626103-5020-000
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Product Information


M3 XXT, Extension, ZEISS REACH CFX® 1, Length: 20.0 mm


  • Details:Product Type: Extension
    Connection Type In: M3 XXT
    Length (L): 20.0 mm
    Application: Extend
    Ø Body (DG): 5.0 mm
    Stylus Type: Extension
    Material: Carbon Fiber
    Connection Type Out: M3 XXT
    Accuracy Level: Standard - CFX 1
    Weight: 1.2

    ZEISS has completely converted all M3 XXT extensions to carbon fiber extensions, as metal does not meet the requirements for measuring accuracy. ZEISS ThermoFit M3 XXT extensions will be offered under the name ZEISS REACH CFX 1, M3 XXT. You will receive the usual high quality and performance under the new name.


✔ Light weight - build complex stylus systems
✔ Thermally stable - no thermal expansion of the material and associated loss of precision
✔ Statically stiff - maximum stiffness allows faster scanning without loss of precision
✔ Carbon fiber tubes - developed by ZEISS