ZEISS Axio Zoom.V16 Stereomicroscope with Incident-Light Photo Configuration 495010-0003-000

Brand: ZEISS
ID#: 495010-0003-000
|MFGID: 495010-0003-000
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Product Information


The ZEISS Zoom microscopes generate three-dimensional and laterally precise images for your microscope applications. These microscopes provide large object fields and allow extended working distances. A Stereo Microscope is perfect for the observation of large biological samples like leafes or tissues. In the field of materials microscopy, stereomicroscopes and zoom microscopes are valuable tools for the inspection or analysis of rough materials surfaces. To extend the flexibility of your microscope ZEISS offers various types of illumination techniques and high quality digital cameras as upgrades. Unit comes with Incident-Light Photo Configuration with Measuring Stage S Mot.


  • Details:Microscopy Camera Axiocam 506 color (D)
    Microscope body Axio Zoom.V16
    Measuring stage S 150x100 mot; CAN (D)
    Objective Plan Z 1.0x-0.25 FWD 60mm
  • Specifications:Movement range- 340 mm
    Maximum sample height (including stage and a parfocalized objective) with the use of: Nosepiece- 200 mm
    Carrier with 76 mm holder, bottom- 205 mm
    Carrier with 76 mm holder, top- 300 mm
    Reduction of maximum specimen height by transmitted light unit S- 55 mm

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