ZEISS CALENO Hambot Multisensor horizontal arm machine, CMM

Brand: ZEISS
ID#: Caleno Hambot
|MFGID: Zeiss Caleno Hambot
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Product Information


More than a Robot the Hambot

When it comes to completing as many car body measurement tasks as possible on one system, ZEISS has a superior solution: the new ZEISS CALENO Hambot. It offers maximum versatility and the highest performance levels in all measurement disciplines. Its combination of high-performance optical and tactile sensors ensures maximum productivity and precision – not only in the measuring room, but on the shop floor as well. Another important advantage is that because of the model safety equipment, operators can work without any concerns on or in the ZEISS CALENO Hambot.

Collaborate safely

No matter how careful people are, human error can never be completely ruled out in everyday measuring tasks. That is why the ZEISS CALENO Hambot features unique, multi-layered safety equipment. First and foremost, this protects operators. However, it also protects the valuable measuring sensors from damage.

Friction drives
ZEISS CALENO is equipped with friction drives on all axes. If an obstacle is blocking the machine, the corresponding friction wheel slips through. This mechanically pre-limits the potential impacting force in a collision. Registered slip errors lead to an immediate shutdown of the system.

Overcurrent cut-out
If an obstacle is blocking the path of ZEISS CALENO, it results in higher current consumption. When the defined limit values are exceeded, the machine shuts down. The protective effect of the overcurrent cut-off operates in parallel with the friction wheel principle.

Safety edges for collision protection
Both sides of the Y-arm are at a particularly high risk of collision. Sensor strips are therefore attached along the full length of this part of the ZEISS CALENO as standard. If the narrow elastic pipes are deformed during contact, the machine immediately shuts down. And since the smart sensors take up hardly any space, they do not cause any disruption during measuring.


  • Details:
  • Productivity & precision: Maximum versatility and highest performance capabilities ensure higher travel speed, acceleration and accuracy in the measuring room and near production.
  • Individual configuration: ZEISS CALENO can be easily upgraded with a wide range of options and combinations depending on customer requirements.The measuring system can be customized and fully configured to meet specific accuracy and performance requirements.
  • Safe all around: The operator and the measuring system are protected by a multilayer safety system. Dedicated collision protection technologies on the sensor, the sensor plate, the sensor carrier (optional), the Y-arm, and further safety systems for the drive in all axes ensure safety all around.
  • Full Cover is standard: Every ZEISS CALENO has a full enclosure in a modern design. It ensures thermal insulation and protection against contamination. This also makes ZEISS CALENO suitable for use in a production environment. In addition, active temperature compensation is optionally available for all machine axes and the part.


  • High temperature stability in any environment: Each ZEISS CALENO has a lightweight, removable full enclosure in a modern design that ensures thermal insulation and protects against soiling.
  • Precision and dynamics: ZEISS CALENO are trapezoidal in shape. Compared to square-shaped components, the trapezoid shape enables higher rigidity at lower weight.
  • Measuring beam with large cross section: In ZEISS CALENO, the measuring beams have integrated, patented length compensation for thermal decoupling from the foundation. The large cross section of the measuring beam gives it high inner rigidity.
  • Linear guideways with ball chain: ZEISS uses linear guideways with a ball chain in all axes. They feature high rigidity, smooth operation, and low maintenance.