ZEISS MMZ G Bridge-Type CMM with Largest Measuring Range

Brand: ZEISS
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ZEISS MMZ G Bridge CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine with Largest Measuring Range
Large bridge-type machines in the MMZ G line meet the highest demands: they feature the largest measuring range of all measuring machines offered by Carl Zeiss with unparalleled accuracy. This makes them ideal for the inspection of complex large parts. MMZ G machines are used by manufacturers of printing machines and wind turbines, as well as the automotive and aerospace industries.

The MMZ G measuring machines ensure production quality even on the shop floor where they are exposed to increased temperature ranges and air impurities. They can be loaded from all sides by a crane or floor conveyor. A crane interlock to protect against collisions is a standard feature.

ZEISS MMZ G line is particularly robust. Roller bearings make the system insensitive and also deliver good guideway characteristics. Insensitivity to temperatures and high rigidity are achieved through the homogeneous mix of materials and the FEM-optimized structure. The maximum permissible workpiece weight depends on the foundation. Perfect flexibility is offered in the design of the measuring range: the largest bridge features a range of 193 m³ and has an 11 meter Y axis. The MMZ G line features computer aided accuracy (CAA) to ensure the high level of accuracy at every measured point. The ram and probe come standard with collision protection.

VAST navigator technology
The MMZ G is equipped with the VAST gold active scanning probe. A software wizard automatically determines the maximum scanning speed. The standard navigator technology increases the quality of the results and the measuring performance.

“mass” multisensor technology
Stylus rack for stylus and probe systems
Rotary table to measure rotationally symmetric parts
RST-T temperature sensor with active interface


  • Range:X [mm] 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000 Y [mm] 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000 Z [mm] 1200, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500
  • Type:Large Bridge-Type CMM
  • Accuracy:Length measurement error: MPE_E150 from 2.2 + L/400 µm Single stylus probing error: MPE_PFTU from 2.0 µ Scanning probing error: MPE_THP/tau from 2.8 µ / 62 s Form measuring error: MPE RONt from 2.0 µm
  • Details:Machine Characteristics and Features
    Bridge-type CMM with high-precision linear guiding systems
    Interlocking ball-screw drives in all axes
    Optional safety position interlock for loading by crane
    Temperature compensation of the scale
    Collision protection for probe head and optical collision protection for ram
    Temperature compensation of the work piece
    PC based Scanning control (ISC) in IP54 protection class
    Prepared for active Scanning probe head VAST gold
    VAST Navigator and VAST Performance technology
    Reference probe D = 8 mm, length = 115 mm
    Acceptance documents, manuals
    CMMs documentation on CD (EPLAN 21 in pdf form)
  • Specifications:Accuracy: Length measuring error [µm]: from 2.4 + L/400 < 12
    Available Software: CALYPSO, GEAR PRO, PiWEB
    Available Sensors: LineScan, RDS, VAST gold, VAST XT gold, VAST XTR gold, VAST XXT

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