ZEISS X-ray Tomographs Offer Complete Solutions
From Research to ProductionThe ZEISS X-Ray Portfolio 
The solutions in the ZEISS X-ray Series are used in the lab, measuring room and on the shop floor for research, product and process development and production. If a detailed, high-resolution analysis in the submicron or nano range is called far, ZEISS X-ray microscopes offer unbeatable flexibility: thanks to a unique, two-stage magnification optic and a high-resolution X-ray source, the user no longer has to choose between resolution and sample size. Even large samples can be inspected with an impressive voxel density without destroying them thanks to the system's ability to offer high resolution at a distance. 

When the task is to measure and analyze entire components, the ZEISS METROTOM industrial computer tomograph does so efficiently with just one X-ray scan. The standard-compliant acceptance, precision mechanics, measuring specifications and intuitive operation always enable operator-independent, highly precise and repeatable measurements of the 3D data set. The largest model in the third system generation, the ZEISS METROTOM 1500, also offers the best balance between the size of the CT and the measuring volume. 

Depending on if 2D radiography or 3D is necessary, ZEISS offers two solutions for applications where part must be inspected in just a few seconds, such as in the production line. The fully automated ZEISS VoluMax CT generates 3D data sets. The system builds on the same tried-and-tested principle as the ZEISS METROTOM and ensures the same outstanding repeatability in its area of use. The SRE MAX, OMNIA and WRE THUNDER from BOSELLO, a company in the ZEISS Group, provide 2D radioscopy systems that stand out because of their ease-of-use and large degree of flexibility for specific customer parts.

ZEISS is About Solutions 
"By itself, excellent hardware is simply not enough. That is why, in addition to the X-ray systems, we offer our customers comprehensive added value to meet all their requirements and ensure holistic solutions as a one-stop partner," says Dr. Schmidt. Software designed specifically for the X-Ray machines, such as ZEISS METROTOM OS for the ZEISS METROTOM and ZEISS VoluMax, ensures that the user can optimally leverage the potential of their CT systems. With the reference software ZEISS CALYPSO, the operator can also perform metrology-specific analyses of their CT data, compare it with a CAD model and create a consistent measurement plan for different types of ZEISS systems. And with the networked solutions for ZEISS PiWeb, users can store quality and other product-specific data on a central server and access this in 3D whenever and wherever they want via a secure connection. 

A global service network for maintenance and training rounds off this philosophy focused on complete solutions. "Our customers have told us repeatedly that they opted for ZEISS because we are simply ahead of the competition when it comes to the breadth of our X-ray portfolio and additional features like the integrated database connection," reports Dr. Schmidt. "From microscopy and CT for large components in 2D and 3D to complete software, service and networked solutions – these are things the customer only finds at our company." 

MSI Viking is proud to partner with a company that continues to expand its offerings and challenge the status quo. MSI Viking is the exclusive distributor of ZEISS Industrial Metrology products in the Southeast United States.
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