ZEISS Surfcom Touch 550 Skidless Surface Analysis System

Brand: ZEISS
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Product Information


ZEISS Surfcom Touch 550 Skidless Surface Analysis System High-end solution with an electric column offering high accuracy and size variations.
<-div>Extended Z-axis measurement range from 800 to 1,000 µm. The high performing pickup with a measurement range of 1,000 µm and a z-axis minimum resolution of 0.0001 µm allows for wide-range and high resolution skidless measurement. In addition to flat surface, the roughness or waviness on undulating surface such as stepped or round surface can be evaluated with one trace. <-div>
<-div> Machine size variations for various types of workpieces SURFCOM TOUCH 550 allows users to select a combination of the size of the granite base, the height and type of the column and the drive range in the X axis direction. <-div>


  • Specifications:
    Models offer Joystick Controlled or Manual Column in various heights on Granite Base (600mm x 320mm) <-div>
    Precision Linear Tracing Driver (100mm) model E-RM-S249B<-div>
    Standard Transducer Detector (E-DT-SS01B) w- (1) Styli 2umR, 60° (DM43801) Amplifier Controller model E-MD-S213C<-div>
    Surface Finish Micro-Processing Controller &  Docking  Port w- 7" Touch-Screen Color LCD- Icon Based User Interface Multi-parameters for Roughness , Waviness & Profile Analysis Graphs include BAC, HPC (Rk) , ADF and PSD2 Multi-language and International Standards<-div>
    Averaging Analysis Functions (Min., Max., Std. Dev., Avg.) PC Memory Card Driver, for program setups<-div>
    Thermal Array Printer (58mm ), High Speed<-div>
    USB-Micro USB port for program setup and measurement result storage Leveling Table (E-AT-S02A)<-div>
    Instruction  Manuals (English) and Digital 1-0  Specifications Technical Phone Support One (1) Year<-div>
    Standard Warranty One (1) Year Tool Kit with Standard Accessories<-div>
    Roughness Ra Calibration Specimen (E-MC-S24C) Instruction  Manuals (English) and Digital 1-0  Specifications<-div>


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