ZEISS is committed to bringing cutting edge technologies to the market place and providing the highest level of customer care possible. As part of this pursuit, ZEISS has expanded its long standing distributorship with MSI-Viking Gage to include microscopy products. MSI-Viking Gage will represent Light, Electron, and X-ray Microscopes while working hand in hand with ZEISS Product Specialists.

Reliable ZEISS Microscopes are used for manufacturing and assembly in high tech industries, as well as exploration and processing of raw materials worldwide. The broad spectrum of ZEISS microscopes ensures ideal solutions are available for virtually any and every industrial and laboratory application. A few of ZEISS's more popular microscope models include the AxioScope, SteREO Discovery, and Primo Star.

MSI-Viking Gage's ongoing strong collaborative relationship with ZEISS ensures customers shall receive the fastest response time and highest level of customer care possible.

MSI-Viking Gage has already staffed highly skilled and OEM-trained microscopy application specialists to aid customers in choosing the right systems, and to provide complete service and support of the line

Together, ZEISS and MSI-Viking Gage look forward to serving you.