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Mitutoyo 515-565 CERA Caliper Checker Inch Model 0-12
Mitutoyo 515-565 CERA Caliper Checker; Inch Model 0-12" Range (Photo Representation Only)

Mitutoyo 515-565 CERA Caliper Checker Inch Model 0-12" Range

Part Number:: 515-565
MFG ID: 515-565
Your Price $4,068.00
Retail Price:$4,520.00
Your Savings:$452.00(10%)
The Mitutoyo 515-565 CERA Caliper Checker is designed to inspect vernier, dial and Digimatic calipers. It is comprised of permanently wrung, high-grade CERA gage blocks in a protective casting. This checker also stands perpendicular to a surface for height gage inspection and the zirconia based ceramic CERA measuring blocks are corrosion resistant and dimensionally stable. This model is an Inch model with a range of 0-12". Length to check, Outside Measurement/Inside Measurement: 1",2",4",6",8",10",12".

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