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Custom Microscope Solution

Join us in the world of cutting-edge microscopy expertise led by Ron Smircich. Our revolutionary microscope system offers the highest resolution microscope in the market, outperforming all competitors with unparalleled precision, ranging down to 300-400 nanometers.

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MSI Viking Beefs Up Calibration Services

MSI Viking revolutionized its calibration services by integrating the AKO Torque Wrench, boasting an impressive 20000 LBF capacity. This robust addition ensures unparalleled precision and reliability in torque measurements, elevating MSI Viking's commitment to accuracy and quality in their calibration offerings.

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MSI Viking is a prominent provider of precision measuring technologies, renowned for our consultative and collaborative approach. Our primary focus is on deeply understanding the unique needs of our valued customers, ensuring that our products and solutions seamlessly align with these requirements.