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Mitutoyo 571-212-30 Absolute Depth Gage 0-8
Mitutoyo 571-212-20 Digital Depth Gage

Mitutoyo 571-212-30 Absolute Depth Gage 0-8"/ 200mm

Part Number:: 571-212-30
MFG ID: 571-212-30
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Retail Price:$408.00
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The Mitutoyo 571-212-30 Absolute Digimatic Depth Gage has a measuring range of 0-8"/ 200mm with .0005"/ 0.01mm resolution. Can keep track of the origin point once set for the entire life of the battery. The base and measuring faces are hardened and micro-lapped and includes SPC data output. Optional wider extension bases are available on models with a measuring range up to 450mm.

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