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Mitutoyo 573-701-20 Absolute Offset Caliper 0-6
Mitutoyo 573-701 Offset Caliper

Mitutoyo 573-701-20 Absolute Offset Caliper 0-6"/ 150mm Range

Part Number:: 573-701-20
MFG ID: 573-701-20
Sale Price $417.60 $396.72
Retail Price:$464.00
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Sale Price for this item ends December 21st, 2018

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The Mitutoyo 573-701-20 Absolute Offset Digimatic Caliper has a measuring range of 0-6"/ 150mm and +/- .001" Accuracy. Is equipped with a depth bar, SPC data output, IP67 water proof protection and supplied in a fitted plastic case. Features a main jaw scale that can slide up and down to facilitate measurement of stepped sections. (Hard-to-get-at dimensions such as A,B,C can be accurately measured.)

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