PrymeFix I32-PRY-STD-500950 I32 Aluminum 1/4-20 Insert (20 x 38)

Brand: PrymeTech
ID#: I32-PRY-STD-500950-PRY
|MFGID: I32-PRY-STD-500950
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Product Information


Universal Aluminum Inserts can be used for fixturing with both CMM’s and Vision Systems. Available in 3 sizes each with a 1″ spaced Complete Hole Pattern. A Calibration Sphere can be inserted to any of the 9 different M8 holes across the insert. Steel bars along the perimeter allow the insert to snap into all Prymefix Corners.


  • 20" x 38" ¼-20 Threaded Hole Pattern (1x1 spacing)
  • M8 Holes for Calibration Sphere
  • Numeric Engraving vertically
  • Text Engraving horizontally
  • Steel bars allow for magnetic contact

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