Starrett Force PNEUM-240G+2KO Pneumatic Grip

Brand: Starrett
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Starrett Force PNEUM-240G+2KO Vise Action Grip with 1 pneumatic rod dia. 70mm, Clamping force 2.6kN, Tensile force 1.3 kN, Open till 100mm (depending of Jaw Faces), 1 Pair (without Jaws)


ID#Product NamePrice
JAW240G-B100-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-B100 Jaw Face Set $489.06
JAW240G-B30-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-B30 Jaw Face Set $352.43
JAW240G-B80-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-B80 Jaw Face Set $456.07
JAW240G-BR100-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-BR100 Jaw Face Set $642.65
JAW240G-BR30-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-BR30 Jaw Face Set $441.94
JAW240G-BR80-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-BR80 Jaw Face Set $590.82
JAW240G-D100-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-D100 Jaw Face Set $870.69
JAW240G-D30-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-D30 Jaw Face Set $584.23
JAW240G-D80-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-D80 Jaw Face Set $802.85
JAW240G-PY100-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-PY100 Jaw Face Set $720.87
JAW240G-PY30-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-PY30 Jaw Face Set $482.46
JAW240G-PY80-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-PY80 Jaw Face Set $659.62
JAW240G-V2-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-V2 Jaw Face Set $500.37
JAW240G-V5-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-V5 Jaw Face Set $500.37
JAW240G-WV100-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-WV100 Jaw Face Set $737.82
JAW240G-WV30-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-WV30 Jaw Face Set $516.38
JAW240G-WV80-STRStarrett Force JAW240G-WV80 Jaw Face Set $677.52