Starrett Force PNEUM-232A-1 Pneumatic Fixture; 16kN

Brand: Starrett
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Starrett PNEUM-232A-1 Pneumatic Fixture has a load capacity of 16kN- 3600lbf @ 7bar (max 15 bar). This is a pneumatic-actuated test fixture that is constructed of aluminum with a Jaw dependent clamping surface. Not supplied with Jaw Faces, must be ordered separately. Comes as a pair of upper and lower gripping fixtures.


  • Range:16kN- 3600lbf
  • Type:Pneumatic Fixture
  • Details:Clamping Surface: Jaw Dependent Face Type: Jaws ordered separately Operating Temperature: 0°C to +70°C


ID#Product NamePrice
JAW232-B100-STRStarrett Force JAW232-B100 Jaw Face Set $476.92
JAW232-B60-STRStarrett Force JAW232-B60 Jaw Face Set $421.54
JAW232-BR100-STRStarrett Force JAW232-BR100 Jaw Face Set $636.92
JAW232-BR60-STRStarrett Force JAW232-BR60 Jaw Face Set $555.38
JAW232-D100-STRStarrett Force JAW232-D100 Jaw Face Set $870.00
JAW232-D60-STRStarrett Force JAW232-D60 Jaw Face Set $756.15
JAW232-PY100-STRStarrett Force JAW232-PY100 Jaw Face Set $710.77
JAW232-PY60-STRStarrett Force JAW232-PY60 Jaw Face Set $621.54
JAW232-V4-STRStarrett Force JAW232-V4 Jaw Face Set $639.23
JAW232-V6-STRStarrett Force JAW232-V6 Jaw Face Set $607.69
JAW232-WV100-STRStarrett Force JAW232-WV100 Jaw Face Set $730.77
JAW232-WV60-STRStarrett Force JAW232-WV60 Jaw Face Set $639.23


ID#Product NamePrice
PNEU-13G+BD-STRStarrett Force PNEU-13G+BD Pneumatic Rope Grip $2,876.15
PNEU-13G-STRStarrett Force PNEU-13G Pneumatic Rope Grip $2,713.08
PNEU-13K+BD-STRStarrett Force PNEU-13K+BD Pneumatic Rope Grip $2,095.38
PNEU-13K-STRStarrett Force PNEU-13K Pneumatic Rope Grip $2,000.00
PNEU-13M-BD-STRStarrett Force PNEU-13M-BD Pneumatic Rope Grip $2,206.92
PNEU-13M-STRStarrett Force PNEU-13M Pneumatic Rope Grip $2,055.38
PNEUM-108A-1-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-108A-1 Pneumatic Actuated Grip Set (2) $1,944.62
PNEUM-126A-1-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-126A-1 Pneumatic Fixture; 30kN $6,248.46
PNEUM-140K+2KO-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-140K+2KO Pneumatic Grip $1,233.85
PNEUM-140K+KO-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-140K+KO Pneumatic Grip $1,016.15
PNEUM-149A-1-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-149A-1 Pneumatic Fixture; 2.4kN $2,045.38
PNEUM-229A-1-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-229A-1 Pneumatic Fixture; 1kN $1,549.23
PNEUM-22S-60-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-22S-60 Pneumatic Actuated Grip Set (2) $3,463.08
PNEUM-232A-1-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-232A-1 Pneumatic Fixture; 16kN $5,143.85
PNEUM-501A-1-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-501A-1 Pneumatic Fixture; 2kN $1,757.69
PNEUM-76-5+KO-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-76-5+KO Pneumatic Grip $1,960.77
PNEUM-83A-1-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-83A-1 Pneumatic Fixture; 7kN $3,373.08
PNEUM-9+2KO-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-9+2KO Small pneumatic action grip, 2.5 kN, opening 0-5 mm $1,459.23
PNEUM-9+KO-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-9+KO Pneumatic Grip $1,384.62
PNEUM-94A-1-STRStarrett Force PNEUM-94A-1 Pneumatic Fixture; 2kN $1,478.46