Starrett Force PNEUM-240KA-1 Pneumatic Fixture; 2.5kN

Brand: Starrett
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Starrett PNEUM-240KA-1 Pneumatic Fixture has a load capacity of 2.5kN @ 7bar and is constructed of aluminum. This test fixture has a Jaw dependent Clamping Surface. Jaw faces are not supplied and must be ordered separately. Comes as a pair with upper and lower fixtures.


  • Range:2.5kN @ 7bar
  • Type:Pneumatic Fixture
  • Details:Clamping Surface: Jaw Dependent Face Type: Order Jaws Separately Operating Temperature: 0°C to +180°C


ID#Product NamePrice
JAW240K-B100-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-B100 Jaw Face Set $482.46
JAW240K-B25-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-B25 Jaw Face Set $277.04
JAW240K-B50-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-B50 Jaw Face Set $367.50
JAW240K-B80-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-B80 Jaw Face Set $448.54
JAW240K-BR100-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-BR100 Jaw Face Set $636.06
JAW240K-BR25-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-BR25 Jaw Face Set $350.54
JAW240K-BR50-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-BR50 Jaw Face Set $466.44
JAW240K-BR80-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-BR80 Jaw Face Set $584.23
JAW240K-PY100-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-PY100 Jaw Face Set $704.85
JAW240K-PY25-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-PY25 Jaw Face Set $380.69
JAW240K-PY50-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-PY50 Jaw Face Set $546.54
JAW240K-PY80-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-PY80 Jaw Face Set $653.96
JAW240K-V2-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-V2 Jaw Face Set $398.60
JAW240K-V9-STRStarrett Force JAW240K-V9 Jaw Face Set $398.60