ZEISS SURFCOM CREST Surface-Contour CNC Station

by Zeiss
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Product Information


SURFCOM CREST CNC measuring station for combined contour and surface measurement.

The flagship for contour and surface measuring technology from ZEISS features high resolution and a laser-interferometric measuring system. SURFCOM CREST is often used in calibration labs.
Precise, universal, dynamic – SURFCOM CREST is setting new standards in accuracy and speed. The machine measures surface parameters and contours in one measuring run and impresses with its extremely good ratio between the measuring range and the resolution of 42,000,000:1.

This enables the SURFCOM CREST to measure the slightest surface roughness and contours across a very large range – all within a single measuring run. The SURFCOM CREST works in the Z axis using a laser interferometer as a measuring system, making it extremely precise. The measuring station features a linear drive, ensuring that it is significantly faster and with lower vibrations than measuring machines with traditional spindle drives. The swiveling linear X tracing driver also enables greater flexibility with slanted workpieces.

The SURFCOM CREST flexes its muscles where precision and throughput are vital: in the automotive technology, mechanical engineering and medical technology industries. For example: the SURFCOM CREST is ideal for lenses, precise bearings, drive spindles, rails, injectors, implants and precisely milled, ground, honed and lapped parts. This is why the SURFCOM CREST is often found in calibration labs.

Extremely stable and highly accurate measuring results ensured by a resolution of 0.31 nanometers. The resolution of the SURFCOM CREST is higher than conventional systems by a factor of five
Laser interferometer as a measuring system for maximum accuracy.
Measuring error in the X direction: ± (0.2 + L/1,000) µm
Extremely good ratio of measuring range to resolution period. The slightest surface roughness and contours over a very large measuring range can be measured in one run.

More throughput thanks to extensive automation possibilities
Higher flexibility for slanted features through CNC swivel tracing driver, ± 45° swivel range and 200 mm tracing driver
Long penetration depth for measurement of deep features
Easy automatic measurement thanks to cylindrical stylus-and-arm system
Easy diameter or wall thickness measurement with T stylus
More accurate and universal thanks to the outstanding ratio of the measuring range to resolution: 42 million to 1


  • Details:Resolution 0.31 nm (50 mm stylus)
    X axis straightness error 0.11 µm with 200 mm measuring path
    X axis measuring error ± 0.4 µm with 200 mm measuring path
    Traversing length/resolution: 200 mm/0.54 nm
    Stylus-and-arm deflection: 13 mm (50 mm stylus)
    26 mm (100 mm stylus)
    Measuring speed 0.03 mm/s – 20 mm/s
    Positioning speed up to 200 mm/s
  • Specifications:A significantly higher throughput rate than with conventional solutions Ideal for automatic quality assurance in volume production Highly flexible: the machine's design is perfect for connections with component-specific fixtures Fully automatic CNC surface measurements: faster, more reliable and more cost-effective thanks to 5 CNC axes Shorter setup times through an integrated patented Y tracing driver in the X axis Measurements in all directions through the integrated rotation sensor Considerably faster with less maintenance and fewer vibrations than with standard systems thanks to the non-contact linear drive in the X axis Positioning speeds of 100 mm/s for high measuring efficiency, even on large components Comprehensive safety design for maximum operator and machine safety Optional: CNC stylus change-out Optional: additional rotary axis and tailstock for the fully automated measurement of crankshafts and cam shafts

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