HB400 Horizontal Benchtop Optical Comparator

by Starrett
ID#: HB400-STR
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Product Information


The HB400 Optical Comparator provides exceptional performance with a 16" (400mm) diameter viewing screen, LED lighting, and 110lbs (50kg) workstage load capacity. Available with optical and/or video edge detection which removes operator subjectivity in locating edges of parts being measured. A bayonet style lens mounting system accepts a choice of six fixed interchangeable lenses as well as the OV2 Zoom or TOV2 fixed telecentric magnification video camera systems. Motorized stage, fully automatic CNC controls and swing-away lamp house are all optional features. This comparator provides performance previously only available with floor standing models.


  • Range:X= 16" / 400mm, Y= 6" / 150mm
  • Type:Horizontal, Bench top
  • Specifications:Includes MetLogix M1 Software
  • Resolution:20µin (0.5µm), 1' (angular measurement)


ID#Product NamePrice
4H002-1-STRFixed Vise – 1-1/4” Capacity $422.56
4H003-1-STRRotary Vise – 1-1/4” Capacity $708.72
4H004-1-STRVee Block on Rotary Base $687.18
5201-STRMetLogix Digital Comparator Module (FOV) $307.69
6603-.3X-STR.3X TOV2 Telecentric Video Lens assembly (For use only with OV2 & TOV2 ready machines) $6,442.05
6603-.5X-STR.5X TOV2 Telecentric Video Lens assembly (For use only with OV2 & TOV2 ready machines) $6,481.03
6603-1.0X-STR1.0X TOV2 Telecentric Video Lens assembly with 2MP Color Camera. Includes LED ring light and controller. (For use only with OV2 & TOV2 ready machines) $6,730.26
7E010-STR10X Magnification Lens $1,002.05
7E020-STR20X Magnification Lens $1,002.05
7E025-STR25X Magnification Lens $1,548.72
7E031.25-STR31.25X Magnification Lens $1,548.72
7E050-STR50X Magnification Lens $1,408.21
7E100-STR100X Magnification Lens $1,408.21
7P000-STRCenters & Vees $787.69
7T001-STRIris Diaphragm $234.87
7U000-STRGlass Plate Work holder $670.77
8170-STRCabinet Stand 31” High $1,628.72
8171-STRCabinet Stand 22” High $1,628.72
8276-STRCanopy and Curtains - Free Standing Design $2,601.03
P-13228-STROV2 Zoom Video Lens assembly (For use only with OV2 & TOV2 ready machines) $6,006.15