Mahr 4346801 Millimess Wireless Digital Indicator 2001 W +/- 1 mm range with up to 0.1 µm resolution, IP 64

Brand: Mahr
ID#: 4346801-MHR
|MFGID: 4346801
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Product Information


A digital dial comparator – heighest level of precision thanks to inductive measuring system.

The new Millimess 2001 W and 2001 Wi series of electronic comparators set new standards in metrology – thanks to unique and innovative features.
  • Touch operating keys: With the practical touch function, even a light touch on the surface is sufficient to operate the precision pointer safely
  • Fully hardened glass display: The robust tempered glass display protects against wear and tear and makes the comparators even more durable and less vulnerable
  • Linearized inductive probe measuring system: Integrated measuring system for more precise measurements with a highly accurate resolution of up to 0.1 µm
  • Unique measured value classification: Innovative, visual representation in the display and colored LEDs
  • Now also with Integrated Wireless: Convenient and secure data transmission via radio (Wi models)


  • Range:+/- 1 mm
  • Details:


    • ON/OFF
    • mm/inch
    • RESET (set display to zero)
    • PRESET (for entering a numerical value)
    • ABS (reference to the electrical zero point)
    • Selectable resolution
    • TOL (Tolerance and Warning Limits Input)
    • RANGE (switch the measuring range and resolution)
    • MAX/MIN memory for searching the reversal point
    • (MAX-MIN) for testing flatness and concentricity
    • 0 (set the analog scale display to zero)
    • Factor (adjustable)
    • Reversal of counting direction
    • HOLD (storage of measured values)
    • LOCK function (key lock)
    • DATA (data transmission)
    • Bi-directional data interface (external output and input option of characteristic values as well as setting of individual lock functions by software MarCom)
  • Resolution:.1 μm (.000005")

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