Metro MET-13040 M3 Air Display Unit-All Brands Compatible

Brand: Metro
ID#: MET-13040
|MFGID: MET-13040
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This display unit REQUIRES Filter-Regulator FIL-002<-span><-i><-span>
Add Calibration w/ Certificate?
  • No
  • Yes - A2LA Calibration Digital Amplifier (+ $88.00)
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Product Information


Metro MET-13040 M3 Air Display Unit with 2 inputs for air gaging Compatible with all brands of dual master air gages. Requires FIL-002 filter-regulator. 4.3" color touch screen display. 2 inputs, 1 or 2 characteristics -Dynamic measurement (Max, Min, Max-Min, Average Median), 3 display modes (Needle horizontal bargraph, numerical value only), with or without tolerance,Control limits (warning, yellow colour). 1 or 2 characteristics displayed. Optionnal I-O module (Go-NoGo, preset, transfetr, start dynamic measurement....). Modbus RTU, sorting in classes (16 class max). Possibility to connezct other MBUS modules for mixing probes types on the same display (ex. air gage + inductive)


  • Specifications:Resolution: .0001mm
    Accuracy .0004mm
    IP 54
    4.3" Color Touchscreen
    Programmable in inch or metric
    USB power and-or data transmisison for the easiest keyboard emulation in the industry
    Very easy to program and use
    Can be used on any brand of dual master air gaging