Mitutoyo 64PKA067A Mill Package 3-AXIS ABS Scales 16"X36" w/KA-200 DRO

Brand: Mitutoyo
ID#: 64PKA067A-MIT
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Mitutoyo 64PKA067A Mill Package, 3-AXIS, ABS Scales, 16" X 36" with KA-200 DRO. Manual machine retrofit packages with linear scales, mounting brackets, and multiple feature, intuitive KA-200 Counter display, now with many features such as Absolute & Incremental modes (10 presets each), non-linear error compensation, function lock, adjustable LED intensity, and optional USB output directly to spreadsheets. X-Y-Z Travel Range is 16”x36”x6”. X Axis Type AT715; Y Axis Type AT715; Z Axis Type AT715.


  • Range:X-Y-Z Travel Range is 16”x36”x6”.
  • Type:X Axis Type AT715; Y Axis Type AT715; Z Axis Type AT715
  • Details:Package includes KA-200 Counter (2 or 3 axis), Mounting Brackets, Counter Tray, and Linear Scales with cables
  • Resolution:Selectable resolution down to .0001” or better

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