Mitutoyo 810-526-11 HR-620B Rockwell CNC Hardness Tester Motorized Y Axis

Brand: Mitutoyo
ID#: 810-526-11-MIT
|MFGID: 810-526-11
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Product Information


Mitutoyo 810-526-11 HR-620B Rockwell CNC Hardness Testing Machine with Motorized Y Axis. Fully automatic multi-point Rockwell hardness testing machine with Y-axis stage mobility that can measure micro-Brinell hardness and the hardness of plastics, and also supports multi-point inspection. Maximum table loading 100 kg Maximum workpiece height 250 mm (with X-axis stage: 165mm) Depth (from indenter center) 220mm Test force 9.807-2452 N (1-250 kgf)
The HR-600 Series combines the functionality of two previous models: one for Rockwell hardness testing and the other for Light Force Brinell hardness testing. Supporting both test types on a single machine, this new series expands the range of available measurements.
With its high-resolution scale load cell developed uniquely by Mitutoyo that allows for high-precision test load feedback control and state-of-the-art design that delivers both aesthetics and usability on the ground, the HR-600 Series enables hardness testing that defies conventional thinking.