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Metkon SERVOCUT 502-AA Automatic Abrasive Cutter

Brand: Metkon
ID#: 1577-MTK
|MFGID: 1577
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Product Information


SERVOCUT 502 is an advanced high capacity cutting machine, offers the advantage of combining different cutting techniques and methods to obtain superior cut surfaces for a broad range of heavy-duty cutting applications. Automatic cutting guarantees the highest level of reproducibility through automatic processing of the specimen.

SERVOCUT 502 has X-Y-Z triple axes cutting capability:

Z-axis Chop cutting
The specimen is clamped and the cut-off wheel approaches the specimen.

Y-axis Table-feed cutting
Feeding the clamped specimen into a rotating cut-off wheel using a T-slotted feed table.

X-axis Parallel Cutting (optional)
Parallel serial sectioning in the x-axis with optional movable x-table.


  • Details:
  • Modern and sturdy design
  • Extraordinary access for easy handling
  • X-Y-Z three axes cutting capability
  • Advanced cutting features for difficult workpieces
  • Unique belt protection system
  • Programmable with colored HMI touch screen controls
  • Ergonomic Joystick control offers excellent application versatility
  • Most versatile metallographic cutting machine in its class

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