AVR 300 Vertical Benchtop Vision System

Brand: Starrett
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Product Information


The AVR CNC Automatic Vision Metrology Systems are ideal for repetitive measurements and automatic comparison to CAD files. Systems are available with interchangeable telecentric or dedicated zoom lenses for micron-level resolution and accurate field-of-view (FOV) measurements. With a maximum FOV of 0.93" (24mm), the AVR 300 is capable of measuring parts with a length up to 12" (300mm). The operator interface is the MetLogix™ M3 software that displays a live video image of the part plus geometry tools and digital readings. The image of the part can be resized using zoom and measurements can be taken by simply touching a feature on the touch-screen monitor. M3 software capabilities also include 3-axis measurements and 2D geometric constructs (points, lines, angles, rectangles, slots, blobs). Systems are also touch probe compatible.


  • Range:X= 12" / 300mm, Y= 8" / 200mm, Z= 8" / 200mm
  • Type:Vertical, Bench top
  • Accuracy:X,Y= E2= 1.9µm + 5L/1000, Z= E1= 2.5µm + 5L/1000
  • Specifications:Automatic Vision, CNC, 3-Axis X-Y-Z, M3
  • Resolution:4µin (0.1µm)

Info and Guides


ID#Product NamePrice
1434-1-STRStarrett 1434-1 150mm Line Standard NIST traceable $2,321.85
3215-M3FOV-STRStarrett 3215-M3FOV Touch Probe Kit M3 only $7,361.55
4320-1-STRStarrett 4320-1 Workstation $2,332.90
4336-STRStarrett 4336 Workstation Extension for Left or Right $1,096.59
4865-1-STRStarrett 4865-1 AVR/MVR 200 Replacement Stage Glass $370.89
5359-1-STRStarrett 5359-1 AVR/MVR 300 Replacement Stage Glass $554.83
6306-STRStarrett 6306 .30X Telecentric Lens with 18.5X Magnification on 24” Monitor $3,040.51
6309-STRStarrett 6309 6.5:1 Zoom Lens $1,592.13
6331-STRStarrett 6331 .50X Telecentric Lens with 21X Magnification on 24” Monitor $2,787.22
6332-STRStarrett 6332 .80X Telecentric Lens with 49X Magnification on 24” Monitor $2,315.82
6333-STRStarrett 6333 1.0X Telecentric Lens with 62X Magnification on 24” Monitor $2,315.82
6334-STRStarrett 6334 2.0X Telecentric Lens with 124X Magnification on 24” Monitor $2,315.82
6335-STRStarrett 6335 4.0X Telecentric Lens with 247X Magnification on 24” Monitor $2,953.06
7872-STRStarrett 7872 AVR/MVR Dust cover $67.35
8268-STRStarrett 8268 VED Mag Checker for pixel calibration NIST traceable $800.08
8440-1-STRStarrett 8440-1 4" x 7" Calibration standard for pixel calibration and verification NIST traceable $1,540.86
8736-1-STRStarrett 8736-1 200mm Line Standard NIST traceable $2,839.49
APT60-25-M3-AVR-STRStarrett APT60-25-M3-AVR CNC 60mm Rotary Fixture Quote
APT60-40-M3-AVR-STRStarrett APT60-40-M3-AVR CNC 60mm Rotary Fixture Quote
M3-PD-STRStarrett M3-PD MetLogix Conversion of DXF to PDF $1,507.69
M3-PF-STRStarrett M3-PF MetLogix Profile Fitting Module $1,507.69
M3-TM-STRStarrett M3-TM MetLogix Thread Module $1,507.69