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Starrett HDV300 HDV300 Horizontal Digital Video System

Brand: Starrett
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Product Information


Starrett HDV300 Horizontal Digital Video comparator combines the best features of a horizontal optical comparator and a vision metrology system. Utilizing a rigid steel design, with 12" x 6" of stage travel, the HDV is configured like a traditional horizontal comparator. The system has a uniquely mounted 5MP digital video camera, coupled with a choice of quick change telecentric lenses or 6.5:1 zoom for micron-level resolution. The HDV system includes a powerful 64-bit PC and Touchscreen monitor, which runs MetLogix M3 Metrology software. With this software, DXF CAD files can be imported and 2D Go-No-Go gauges created, similar to using a Mylar overlay chart on a comparator screen. Video edge detection (VED), allows real-time interaction of the imported file with the video image of the part being inspected. Productivity, speed and accuracy are all enhanced.


  • Range:X= 12" / 300mm, Y= 6" / 150mm
  • Type:Horizontal, Bench top
  • Accuracy:E1= 3.0µm + L/33
  • Specifications:Horizontal, Digital
  • Resolution:20µin (0.5µm)


ID#Product NamePrice
4422-1-STRStarrett 4422-1 300mm Line Standard NIST cert $2,873.66
4H002-1-STRFixed Vise – 1-1/4” Capacity $636.25
4H003-1-STRRotary Vise – 1-1/4” Capacity $824.21
4H004-1-STRVee Block on Rotary Base $1,035.28
5584-1-STRStarrett 5584-1 400mm Line Standard NIST traceable $3,431.51
5703-STRStarrett 5703 System Dust Cover for HDV300 & HDV400 $42.22
5781-STRStarrett 5781 Light Shield for HDV300 & HDV400 $192.98
6306-STRStarrett 6306 .30X Telecentric Lens with 18.5X Magnification on 24” Monitor $3,040.51
6309-3-STRStarrett 6309-3 6.5:1 Zoom Lens $1,592.13
6331-STRStarrett 6331 .50X Telecentric Lens with 21X Magnification on 24” Monitor $2,787.22
6332-STRStarrett 6332 .80X Telecentric Lens with 49X Magnification on 24” Monitor $2,315.82
6333-STRStarrett 6333 1.0X Telecentric Lens with 62X Magnification on 24” Monitor $2,315.82
6334-STRStarrett 6334 2.0X Telecentric Lens with 124X Magnification on 24” Monitor $2,315.82
6335-STRStarrett 6335 4.0X Telecentric Lens with 247X Magnification on 24” Monitor $2,953.06
7010-STRStarrett 7010 Clean air kit (positive air pressure kit) $339.74
7430-STRStarrett 7430 Fixture for FOV, VED Mag Checker and Grid $2,115.79
7821-STRStarrett 7821 Adapter Plate for FOV, VED Mag Checker $410.09
7P000-STRCenters & Vees $842.30
7U000-STRGlass Plate Work holder $677.45
8170-STRCabinet Stand 31” High $1,768.02
8171-STRCabinet Stand 22” High $1,768.02
8268-STRStarrett 8268 VED Mag Checker for pixel calibration NIST traceable $800.08
8392-STRStarrett 8392 Pivoting illuminator lamp house $1,766.01
8440-1-STRStarrett 8440-1 4" x 7" Calibration standard for pixel calibration and verification NIST traceable $1,540.86
APT60-25-HDV-STRStarrett APT60-25-HDV CNC 60mm Rotary Fixture Quote
APT60-40-HDV-STRStarrett APT60-40-HDV CNC 60mm Rotary Fixture Quote
M3-PD-STRStarrett M3-PD MetLogix Conversion of DXF to PDF $1,507.69
M3-PF-STRStarrett M3-PF MetLogix Profile Fitting Module $1,507.69
M3-TM-STRStarrett M3-TM MetLogix Thread Module $1,507.69