Starrett Force MTL-110 Manual Tester Frame

Brand: Starrett
ID#: MTL-110-STR
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Starrett MTL-110 Manual Force Tester Frame 110 lbF Capacity, 20 inch (508mm) Column Height, Lever-Operated. Load Capacity: 110lbF - 500N - 50kgF. The MTL Manual Testers are single column, manually-operated force testers. These testers operate with a quick-action lever in either tension or compression directions. Force measurement is performed using a Starrett DFC or DFG digital force gage.
The MTL-110 can measure force up to 110lbf (500N, 50kgf). This tester is ideal for component testing and its compact design fits small work spaces. The MTL-110 has a 6" (152mm) stroke. The tester's quick-action lever moves the rack and pinion crosshead 3" (76mm) per revolution. The lever may be positioned anywhere along the 20" (508mm) column, and with a 6" (152mm) throat, large samples can be accurately tested.
Options include a digital scale for measuring deflection distance. The base adapter adjusts to accommodate different gage models and the MTL may be equipped with optional legs so that you can test in a horizontal position.


  • Range:110lbF - 500N - 50kgF lbF - N - kgF <br>Throat Depth:
  • Type:Lever-operated
  • Details:Column Height: 20 inch (508mm)
    Stroke: 6 inch (152mm)
    Gages, grips, other accessories are sold separately.

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