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Starrett SR300 Surface Roughness Tester
Starrett SR300 Surface Roughness Tester

Starrett SR300 Surface Roughness Tester

Part Number:: SR300
MFG ID: 21000
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Retail Price:$3,116.00
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The Starrett SR300 Surface Roughness Tester has a Range of 200 µm 100 µm 10 µm Range. Roughness Parameters include Ra, Rz, Rt, Rp, Rmr, Rpc, Rsm, Rz1max, Rsk, Rda. It is robust enough for the shop floor while being flexible enough for any inspection room. Offers a versatile solution for all your roughness requirements with a variety of systems and application specific accessories along with fixtures that can be tailored to your specific need. Supplied with a lift/lower feature providing a 50mm height adjustment, right measurement and 70mm reach into bores. Features a tactile measurement button that is great when the device is being used overhead or inside pipes. Added protection and a better hand grip is provided with the rubberized molding. Also includes a mini USB port that can be used for charging (with any standard USB charger) and or connection to a PC to provide further analysis and reporting functionality.

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