TESA 00730077 Micro-Hite 600F Manual Height Gage 24-inch with Fine Adjustment

by Brown & Sharpe-TESA-Hexagon
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Product Information


TESA 00730077 Micro-Hite 600F Manual Height Gage 24-inch has Fine Adjustment and a measuring span of 24"- 600mm. The New TESA Micro-Hite gauges are universal workshop or laboratory machines which are reliable and robust to be integrated as close as possible to the user. Multi-functional but always simple to use, they are a metrological multi-user asset, that replaces the most conventional measuring tools. This manual 2D height gauge is mainly used in workshops and offers comfortable and accurate positioning, which is very useful during the measurement of small elements. Thanks to its robustness, the TESA Micro-Hite is very reliable and guarantees excellent repeatability and precision under any circumstances, but especially when used with extensions and small probes. The interchangeable battery makes it possible to easily handle the instrument in places without access to power supply.


  • Range:24"- 600mm
  • Specifications:Printing<-span>
    The data can be automatically sent to a printer connected to the panel. The printer is optional and can be connected to a gauge at any time during its use.

    Save on USB stick<-span>
    The data can be saved in a *.txt file on a memory stick. Several data formats are available (measured value, and tolerances, ...).

    Connection to a peripheral device<-span>
    It is possible to connect the instrument to a computer via the TLC connector (TESA Lync Connector) and to receive the measuring results on it. To do so, two additional programs can be used, TESA STAT-EXPRESS for the statistics management or TESA DATA-DIRECT for the formatting of data.

    Direct information<-span>
    Quick access to measurement information is a key element of a production line performance. For this purpose, TESA has directly integrated the possibility to insert tolerances for the measured elements. Once the end of a measurement program is reached, the user has the possibility to visualize the detail of his results, which are directly accessible on the instrument panel.

    The quick and easy statistical software<-span>
    The SPC (Statistical Process Control) TESA STAT-EXPRESS software is the way to calculate in real time all the important characteristics during statistical analyses. Quick to learn, it manages also automatically the measuring reports.

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