VICIVision M2 Optical Measuring Machine

Brand: Vicivision America
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Product Information


VICIVision M2- M3. Measuring big shafts as easily as small ones.
Milestone Technology.
M2 and M3 were born to assist in production. Designed not only to measure large shafts, they can also capture minute details such as bevels and small radii.
A top end machines measuring from small components to 140x900mm shafts.
An increased load capacity allows elements up to 250 mm in diameter to be positioned. Inspections in a matter of seconds, programs in just minutes.
Operators are more independent during inspection.
Measurments Reports
Measurement is not influenced by manual intervention.
It allows to set tool offset before values are out of tolerance.
Working area
The live image of the piece displayed by the software, combined with the LED illuminated extensive working area, gives a clear vision of the conditions of the component being measured.
The retractable sensors enabled during loading and unloading provide reinforcement, with additional one of a kind protective bumpers.
Ergonomic design
The ergonomic piece clamping lever has a considerably wide grip, which is suitable both for left and right-handed operators, and prevents obstruction of the view when clamping or unclamping the piece.


  • Accuracy:2+D[(mm)/100] µm 5+L[(mm)/100] µm
  • Details:Measuring Field: 140 x 900 mm
    Max loadable sizes: 240×650 mm/30 Kg
    Repeatability: 0.4 µm/3 µm
    Dimension: 920x1029x2000 mm/400kg
  • Resolution:0.1 µm – 0.1 µm – 0.001°

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